Friday, 21 September 2012

Le Weekend

Friday counts as a good day, even if it's raining. No labs today, so we stayed dry - but a whole day of safety lectures. Employer and employee responsibility and laws, which is always good to know.

The horse sweater is blocking on my bedroom floor, so today's class knitting was on a baby surprise jacket, in scraps of worsted yarn. It should go pretty fast, especially since I fully plan to veg on the couch tonight with a movie and my knitting. That'll be a second project for the September stripe-a-long KAL.

Lots of stuff planned for the weekend. English presentation due Monday. Meeting Sunday for OVWSG Guild Sale vendors. Finish spinning the black yarn I need to complete my entrelac cushion (which I want done for the next Guild meeting). Do the laundry and baking and cleaning. Maybe some garden clean-up...we'll see what the weather's like, and how much time and ambition I have.

I did take slips off a couple tender plants (like the coleus) this week to root them, as it's been really close to freezing a couple nights. The squirrelly harvest mentality is on the air - pick everything, don't waste food, pack it away for winter, scurry around. Mom's been using her new toy, a food dryer, on the tomatoes and peppers, with good results, so I'm looking forward to trying those!

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