Wednesday, 25 May 2011

All I've Got

I had a lovely notion - two in fact - for a tam pattern. One textured with leaves and pinecones and acorns in relief, and one with a lace panel and ribs. I bought a skein of green fingering last week at Janie H. Knits  to make into a tam. And this is where I am.

Not much, eh? But I have frogged that thing about 4 times, and I am beginning to suspect that maybe my current ideas will work better in a thicker yarn. I need more pop, more relief in the stitches. to make them work. And now I also have to find something to do with this green.

Maybe I'll wait until the sale at Janie's and see if I can get the light green of the same stuff. I had this idea for a stranded, ferny, sort of thing when I saw the two colors together...Dang.

See, this is my issue with ideas. Mine don't just feed off each other. I suspect they get together and spawn new ones like rabbits. And then I write them down so I don't forget - but I've got a page full of notions waiting, and I can't knit (or design) fast enough to keep up.

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