Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Get Me a Shrubbery!

Grey weather again, so I thought I'd share some spring flowers. I'm having a lovely walk every day, seeing what's out.
Although the tulips and daffodils and the rest of the bulbs and whatnot are undoubtedly nice, now is the time to start looking a little higher. The blossoming trees and shrubs are coming into their own, and it ushers in a wonderfully fragrant season.

 The rhododendrons and magnolias are in full bloom, no scent, but spectacular looks.

 Less spectacular but still lovely are the flowering quince and the sand cherry.

The lilacs are beginning to open, and so are the various fruiting tree blossoms, with the crabapples stealing the show. I had to stop and sniff the crabapple blossoms.

Apple blossoms are one of my two favorite spring scents which you can’t find anywhere else. The other is when the wild grapevine blossoms, which is almost intoxicating. That will be a bit later, and there will be honeysuckle to fill the gap – the bushes all have buds now – and the June roses.

I think I’m glad I’m not a bee. The decision-making, with so many lovely choices, would be dizzying. 

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