Thursday, 26 May 2011

Fast Forward

Watch me drop off the radar here for a few days. The next week or so is going to be fun, but it'll likely be Monday before I get to the internet again (shocking, I know!)

Tomorrow is Fleece Spa day. We were going to go spin in the park (and astonish all the Muggles), but the forecast is rain, so I suspect we may end up at Deb's as usual. That's OK, she has a cute puppy next door.
Saturday is the Great Glebe Garage Sale, and I intend to spend a few hours there. It's really almost a street fair plus the garage sale - kids selling lemonade, buskers, booths selling hot dogs and such or having bake sales or raffles as fundraisers for activities, and streets and streets of garage sales. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. Last year it was beautiful, the streets were clogged with people, and it was a great atmosphere.
Sunday is the Doll and Miniature show at the RA Centre, and my mother and aunt are visiting for that purpose. With any luck, there'll also be time for them to see a few other things in town - the Market, the lilacs at the Farm, and/or a museum, maybe lunch with a friend.

Update on Monday, before I pack my bags and plunge into the next stretch - alpaca shearing, trip to Toronto, my cousin's wedding, and a demo at Upper Canada Village. Whew.

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