Monday, 30 May 2011

Booty and Booties

I finally sat down and finished the felted baby booties I was making. Not that there was much left to do in any case – I just wanted to do a little ornamenting. I pulled out my felting needles and fiber, waited for inspiration, and ended up with little leaves on the toes. I’m debating whether the leaves should be bigger, but anyway, they’re cute.

In other news, Deb T and I hit the Glebe garage sale Saturday. Despite overcast skies and some early drizzle, there seems to have been a good turnout – it took half an hour to find a parking place, although that had the side benefit of seeing some lovely houses and gardens and parks. But park we did, and then the fun began. We poked through just about every place we saw (with me gravitating straight for any books in evidence), supported a few bake sales and the Scouts’ hot dog stand, and ran into some people we knew. Several hours and about five streets later it was late afternoon, most of the vendors were packing up, and we were quite ready to do the same. My haul for the day? A pile of books ranging from a mushroom field guide to old Nancy Drews, two videos, some sweets, and a dress.

The dress wasn’t a garage sale find per se – it was one of the vendors who sell Peruvian handcrafts and such. Providential, I call it – I have a wedding, a trip to Toronto with possibly dinner out, and Convocation in the next two weeks, and had just noted that the only dress in my wardrobe was the one my mother made for my high school grad ceremony. I keep it largely because she made it, and not because I intend to wear it again. I do have skirts, but most of them are a little more casual, broomstick types. Now to hope the weather will be such as permits a bare shoulder look.

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