Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Wet and Wooly part 2

As promised, the pictures of some of the things I was working on this weekend. First up, the spinning.

I think these are the closest pictures to the actual color I’ve been able to get. And I've heard from the third skein - it got left behind at fleece spa on Friday, and should be home soon.
Next, the Jacob batts. The thing about the Jacob I love is not just that it’s a nice soft wool, but how white the white is and how black the black is. Beautiful stuff.

And of course, the baby booties, not quite done.

And the baby kimonos.

Pattern is the Sachiko baby sweater, wonderfully simple and ideally suited to knit nights. I did find that the diagonal edges are a bit tight and tend to curl because of it, but other than that it’s an adorable little sweater. I used Knitpicks CotLin for the embroidery and ties. A duck and balloons should be nicely gender-neutral, and I like the contrasting ties.

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