Monday, 16 May 2011

Wet and Wooly, part 1

Out to the parents' this weekend, and I was hoping to have a chance to do a bit of work in my dye garden. But it rained ALL WEEKEND! Ok, so it let up a bit in the mornings - I took advantage of that to go and pick myself a few flowers - but it was wet the whole time, and I don't particularly like gardening in the rain.

On the other hand, when you stay in and work, you can get a lot done too. Mostly fiber-y, natch. No pictures of the work in question yet, you'll have to wait until tomorrow for that. It was going on midnight when I got back last night, and I didn't want to hunt the camera and hope the batteries were charged. But...

1. The pink and orange yarn is done, all spun and plied. The first skein has gone AWOL, though, so I'll wait to wash and set the yarn when I find it.

2. The baby kimonos I was working on for gifts are done - blocked, ties made, and embroidered. The felted baby booties are felted and drying, after which I have to do the velcro and maybe a bit of needlefelting.

3. Sorted all the remaining washed and undyed Jacob fleece I had and put it through the carder, for 2 batts each white, lt grey, dk grey, and black. The belt broke halfway through, so I had to improvise. Nylon cord (rather like large shoelacing) of the appropriate diameter, with the ends melted together to make a continuous loop and the join smoothed, did the trick.

4. Helped my mother with warping her loom for some rag rugs destined for the kitchen and living room.

and finally 5. Went over to Kim's (she of the mitts - Ravlink) to pick through this week's shorn fleece before they dispose of it. Came home with a garbage bag or so. Wish I had pictures - her duck has 5 little yellow fuzzy ducklings, ever so cute! The duck is the only bird she has currently who seems to know how to do it, though. Apparently her hen which is setting is only setting on one egg now, being in the habit of eating the eggs she's setting on, at the rate of one per day. And the goose has a nest which the gander is fiercely protecting - but his mate only sets on them when she feels like it, so I doubt there'll be any results there either.

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