Friday, 20 May 2011

Of Course

Yesterday morning my nose started dripping. It appears that I have managed to pick up the cold my mother had last weekend. Of course, it would have to be going into a week when I'm planning to be running around a bit. Perth yesterday, knitouts tonight and Sunday, and demonstrating spinning at the Experimental Farm Saturday and Monday. Thankfully I don't feel icky (yet), it's only my nose.

Perth trip yesterday was wonderful. Wish I'd thought to take pictures. It's been a while since I was in Perth, and it's always fun to go with a friend. The day started grey and rainy, but we had sun for the afternoon (shock), and the time went so quickly we didn't get to the museum. I've been trying to go but keep running out of time. We stopped at Janie H Knits first, and spent a while there, petting wool. I was good, bought only one ball - grass-green Kauni fingering for a beret pattern I'm working on. I've accepted that the Palette I had in stash is nowhere near enough.
Hit Perth proper once we escaped Janie's and went to the Mill Store, and a craft and fabric store, where we ran into a fellow weaving guild member. Then, having exhausted the craft supply places, we did lunch at Fiddleheads in the old mill (lovely place).
After lunch we went to look at other artisans' work at the gallery/store on Gore, whose name I can't remember, where I bought a wooden rooster puzzle for gifting. Over to the antique store, where they had not one, but three spinning-related items, all in good working order. A little yarn winder, similar to mine, not so exciting. But there was a great wheel! in beautiful condition for on ly 300$, and if I had the money and the space I would have bought it. Seeing our interest, the proprietor said there was an Acadian spinning box on top of the cupboard at the back. Now, that meant nothing to me, I've never heard of one, but when we went to look it was a kick wheel or spindle (which I heard of only recently) Looked a deal like a large drop spindle, with an iron point like the great wheel, lying sideways across an old toolbox. Very cool!
There being a bookstore between us and the car, we made that our last stop of the afternoon, and I made one last purchase - Walpole's book, 'The Castle of Otranto'. It keeps coming up as something the characters in 19th C novels are reading, and I wanted to read it too. It's a classic sort of Gothic thing, apparently - hidden identities, mysterious sounds, haunted castles, exotic settings...I'm looking forward to it. 

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