Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A Carton of Eggs

I sewed up and stuffed the last of the pysanky yesterday evening. Mom had asked whether I was going to put them in an egg carton for pictures (like one photo we had of some real pysanky). That was definitely the obvious course to take.

I weighed one of the finished eggs before stuffing, and found that it only took about 5g of the Palette. Since each ball of Palette is 50g, there were no worries about running out of a color! So I figured a round dozen of different pysanky ought to be the goal - fill the egg carton up nicely. Et voila, here they are, with the first two in the lid that are not the same yarn.

Because I did graph variations in knitting and embroidery, and because change in color scheme made such a difference, there really could be dozens from the same set of patterns. But I'm sticking with these, and we'll see how the pattern write-up goes.

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