Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Color and Lace

I finished cria shawl #2 Thursday and took it off the blocking pins Friday morning, but hadn't had a chance to take pictures until today. I'm pretty happy with it, and glad the yarn didn't run out. Two tiny balls are all that's left, however, so I was definitely right to stop at 8 repeats.

Off to the parents' for a few days over the weekend. Yes, there is Internet, so why didn't I blog? Too much to do. And no prizes for guessing what most of it was, given that I had undyed rovings and yarn around:

I had lots of fun in the dyepots (indigo, cochineal, coreopsis, and walnut), and the results will be heading for my Etsy shop over the next week or so. I finished spinning almost all the remaining peacock batt - only one bobbin to ply and that will be done and I can start my sweater with it! The pysanky family is growing  - 8 knitted and 5 of those stuffed and finished. These are a bit bigger - maybe the Palette stretches more than what I had for samples, so I will try a couple with a needle size smaller, and can't wait to show them off when they're done. Two testers have finished the Bargello tam, and there were and are adjustments to make to the pattern. Ah, never a dull moment!

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