Saturday, 11 February 2012


Wash on Monday
Iron on Tuesday
Mend on Wednesday
Churn on Thursday
Clean on Friday
Bake on Saturday
Rest on Sunday

That was how the old routine went for our foremothers. It meant you had a clean house and fresh baking for Sunday, and you got your good clothes and tablecloths washed before any stains from Sunday dinner had a chance to set.

Now, I've rearranged things a little from that. No churning to do, and the mending and ironing get done when enough stuff piles up to require it. And now that we're on time-of-use meterage for the electricity, Saturday and Sunday are when the washing and cleaning and baking preferentially get done.

Today the errands got added, since I was too lazy to do them earlier in the week. Yeah. It's suppertime, and I am not only starving, I sincerely doubt I could take a clear photograph, because my arms are so tired. Not only have I baked a batch of cookies and a batch of bread and done the dishes, but those errands? I have made three trips out, on foot, and carried home 34lb of cat litter, the groceries, including milk and sugar and Tide and catfood, and 2 bins from Canadian Tire.

The bins I went to get because they were on sale, and I'd been planning on getting a couple more, to store some stash under my bed. So when I got home with those, I started sorting through stash to see what would go in the bins and reorganizing the rest. And guess what I found. Moth cocoons. Some old, some still alive (albeit briefly). Needless to say, the sorting and cleaning became a little more thorough than planned. A good chunk of it is done, but it got dark before I finished, and it's a job I prefer to do in daylight. So that will get finished in-between doing the laundry tomorrow.

Tonight, food, tea, and maybe a movie. I think I deserve it.

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