Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Change in the Air

Although February still has a week to run, the weather has been surprisingly mild. Above zero most days in the last week, and the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the ice is retreating. I would be very tempted to think it's an early spring, only I'm sure the minute I voice that, there will be a change back to cold and snow. Julia certainly feels the change in the weather, though. It's like having a kid at Christmas. Three times this morning before the alarm went off at 7 she woke me up. And she's not settling down for a nap, but has been agitating for an extra walk all morning.

Spring is traditionally a season of change, and movement, and it seems to be coming out in other spots as well. On the positive side, I had a job interview this week, and some government tests to write next week, so here's hoping that one or the other leads to a change in my employment status.
On the negative side, however, the yarn store in town I probably spend the most time in is relocating. Knit-Knackers is moving to Smith's Falls, as a result of the building they're now in getting sold. So I will have to plan out what I might need to buy before they move, since getting to Smith's Falls is a rare occasion for me. They're going to deliver here, still, but it's not the same - I usually don't go in to shop with a particular brand in mind, but do a lot of price and color and yardage comparison, and sometimes end up with a different result than expected. Not that there aren't other yarn stores in town, but it was so convenient to stop in after doing my library run and any other errands downtown. Ah, well, I am sure there will be road trips.

The next spinning project has been started - a bag of llama/wool pencil roving I bought at the first Vendors' Night I went to at the Guild, probably 3 years ago. It's a nice cinnamon-y taupe, and I'm spinning it fine and tight. We'll see what the yardage ends up as, but if it's enough, I might earmark it for a longsleeved underlayer shirt.

And I've started knitting the Challenge fiber, and the results are coming pretty close to what I envisioned.  Now I just have to finish doing the math to see if the yardage will allow me to get a decent-sized stole AND put an edging on it.

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