Thursday, 9 February 2012


There are library books due, and I was debating going out to return them, and having a swing by Knit-Knackers for their weekly knit night at the same time.

However, despite the fact that it's sunny and really decent outside, I think I'll stay in. The library books can be renewed online (thank goodness for internet), and anyway, I'm not done with all of them yet. And no travelling means more time to work on things here. I've been good today, and done some carding, and some picture taking (Deb and Christine, y'all had better appreciate the new pic of the pysanky on Rav!), and checked in on the testers for my tam (4 done so far), and a little housework, and sent a job application. Now I want to do a little spinning, and a little knitting, and maybe work on those library books...

The February project for spinning is some grey mix pastel wool. I actually carded the stuff and separated all my nice neat little rolags probably 2 years ago.

It's half grey wool and half indigo, greenweed, and cochineal dyed wool - a color blending exercise, if you will. For spinning, I then do one rolag pink, one peach, one yellow, etc, in rainbow order. Plied against another bobbin of the same, it makes a long-repeat yarn shading through all the colors.

There are a couple skeins done, which I spun initially. Of the remaining 3-4 skeins worth, I've spun close to half, so it shouldn't (knock wood) be an issue to finish them this month.

And after having to rip out once, the body for the peacock sweater is progressing nicely, and the sleeves are done. I'm still very excited about knitting it, (and wearing it) - the fabric is looking so nice! Really, it would be going faster if I didn't stop to admire it every round...

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