Saturday, 18 February 2012

Productive Fidgeting

Well, my Borealis sweater is cast off and sewn up, and it fits, so one more item checked off the 12in2012 challenge list. Can't remember if it's #5 or #6, though.
I do think it will have to be my Rhinebeck sweater this year. I'd like to show the vendor (if she's there) what the batt she sold me has grown up to be.

The yarn lying around needing to be plied has been duly plied, and is currently having the twist set. For the non-spinners, that basically means wetting it and letting it dry under tension, added by hanging a weight off the yarn. My version looks a little bizarre, as there are 6 skeins draped over the clothes dryer, with various plastic bottles (conditioner, veg oil, Bovril concentrate...) cradled in the hanging loops to add the weight.

The week's bread is made and baked, the groceries and laundry are done, the first of the Alpha socks has gotten far enough to establish the pattern - and I've cast on another project, the sample version of the shawl I want to make for the Guild Challenge, in a laceweight alpaca. And the pattern-writing for the knit pysanky is progressing. I've sort of decided that as long as there's no other official call on my time, that I'd like to get maybe one pattern done per month this year. A personal challenge. So there should always be one in testing, one being written, and one being knit. We'll see how that goes.

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