Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Defying the Weather

There was a bit of a conversation on Ravelry the other day on pet peeves – things you’d like to say but don’t. One person mentioned how she hated talking about the weather, and someone else said not to talk to Canadians, then. Well, it’s true. We do talk about the weather a lot, we even joke about the fact that we do. Maybe we just like it as a nice neutral way to start a conversation. Maybe it has to do with the fact most of the country can have such extremes of temperature. It’s definitely a richer subject for conversation when it has such variety, and we’re always having to (or wanting to) think about the next season.

Right now I’m commiserating with a friend and fellow gardener about the cold and wind this past week after that nice warm spell. The gardeners are itching to get out and start doing something – she’s trying to apply dormant oil, which needs to go on when the day is above freezing. I got out this weekend and did some cleaning in the gardens. Despite the cold, guess what? My rhubarb is coming up!

(I always think it looks a bit odd coming up. Red and greeny-white streaked, some years it looks more like flesh than a plant.) And there are buds in the daffodils and scylla and hyacinths. See, the scylla are even showing some blue!
Another week and I'll have flowers. Less than a month and I'll be eating rhubarb. Not bad considering April doesn't start until Friday.

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