Thursday, 17 March 2011

Green and Go

Top of the mornin' and a Happy St. Paddy's to all. Almost forgot that was today, I had a bit of news yesterday that drove all other concerns out.

Yesterday was grey outside, nothing good in the job postings, and I went home feeling as grey as the weather, and bought myself a Cadbury Creme egg because I wanted chocolate.

The message light on the phone was blinking when I got home. I've got a job interview Monday! And I won't jinx anything by saying where, but I'm super excited, because this is for something I've wanted to do for years. I will admit the cat thought I was going loopy for a few minutes, and came over very concerned to know why I was making those noises and whether this would affect her snack ;) More excited than nervous so far, just so much to do in the next few days - studying, and deciding what to wear, and everything!

If I drank, I suppose this would be the night to go out and do it. But I don't, and tomorrow will be Irish enough, being it's the theme of our Fiber Spa day tomorrow. But I think I will go out knitting tonight after errands. I wonder if there's anything green in the stash I can cast on?

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