Monday, 28 March 2011

Presenting Snowdrop

Maybe it was having both the snow and the snowdrops the weekend before I finished it, but somehow Snowdrop seems the right name for the shawl (well, shawlette). Winter white, kind of a snowy pattern on the upper part, something a bit more floral on the edge.

I was kind of wondering how the points would turn out and all, but it worked.

Stats: almost 300 m/361 yd of laceweight silk/cashmere (1 ball Diamond Luxury silk/cashmere, with a few meters left), 4 mm circular needles, finished size 37” wingspan by 19” deep ( I think a bit bigger might have been nice, maybe I'll make that adjustment when I write up the pattern). Bound off loosely using the (K2tog, slip stitch back on left needle, repeat), which gave enough room to stretch the points – I was a bit worried about that part, kept checking during bind off, but it couldn’t have been better.
I must say, doing all the figuring for this, I think I am getting much better at reading and understanding lace. Excited to use this success as a take off point for more lace design.

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