Thursday, 3 March 2011

Fiber Spa Fridays

Tomorrow is Friday, and that means spinning day!
In the Fall, several of us got together to do some natural dyeing, and it ended up as a weekly event, now known as Fiber Spa, complete with pot-luck. When it got too cold to do the dyeing out in our hostess's garage, (and most of us had used up our available fleece and yarn), we switched over to spinning and knitting and crocheting...always accompanied by good food, lots of laughs, and an appreciative audience to show off our work to.
We missed last week, thanks to the storm that wasn't there (predicted 10 cm of snow, actual fall closer to 3mm), so I'm looking forward to it. Now Spring is coming, plans for next season's dyeing are beginning, and so far it looks like indigo fermentation and wood chips and bark are on the list. Such simple things keep us happy, eh - really, where else would you find people excited over pots of sawdust and things that smell like stale urine? 

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