Thursday, 31 March 2011

A Plethora of Projects

Just because I’ve been maundering on about gardening and historical characters doesn’t mean I haven’t been getting a bit of work done in the fiber division. In fact, totting up the projects, I suspect some springtime restlessness or something is going on.
There are now 3 finished skeins of cria, and nearly two bobbins more ready to ply. And dang, I’m getting a bit bored with it, gorgeous as it is.

I’ve started the neck steek for my Autumn Rose, and I’m on the foot of my first Pamina sock.

I also started a length of tatted lace, a nice easy-to-memorize pattern, so I can take it outside and work while Julia’s prowling, now that there’s a chance I can go out without mitts on.

And I got back to the cross-stitch I started and then abandoned earlier this winter. It struck me that if I want to have it done in time to exhibit for the fairs this fall, I had better get back to it. It does strike me as ironic, though, that my biggest issue in a stitchery of a cat is keeping the (actual) cat hair out of it.

The lace will likely also go to the fairs. Once summer comes, there will be less time to work on things, so entries have to be thought about over the winter. I had a lot of knitting but not much else for handwork last year, so I want more of a variety this time.

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