Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Out to the parents’ for the weekend – an 1843 farmhouse on a hill, with a woodstove doing most of the heating. Hung the laundry out on the line Saturday, as the sun was shining bright and the wind was blowing the woodsmoke away from the clothesline. My aunt sent 4 braided rugs for me to mend – her daughter is being married this summer, and the reception will be at their home. She wants it to look nice, but my aunt has neither the time, inclination or skill for most needlework. I had her crochet curtains to mend a while ago also.

The signs of spring continue to increase. Mom found the first flowers of the year, can you imagine? Snowdrops, hiding under a pile of leaf mulch. The geese were honking overhead while I hung the laundry out, and the chickens were all happily strolling about the lawn and clucking, cleaning up the seeds under the bird feeders. And the barbecue was shoveled out and used for the first time this year. (It's basically a large stone fireplace shaped a bit like an easy chair. Wood-burning, not charcoal, and the results are seriously tasty.)

Of course the weather went nasty again Monday, all rain and snow, but you don't mind so much now. It'll all be gone again soon.

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