Monday, 14 March 2011

Give ‘Em an Inch…

One thing you have to say about Northern climates – as soon as the vegetation can possibly get going, it does. Really, it’s encouraging. I mean, look at this. It’s mid-March in Ottawa. I suspect that thanks to the snowplow, I won’t see the garden under that pile until June unless I shovel it out.
The front lawn is still very much snow-covered, despite the influence of a few days of rain and relatively warm weather. But note how fast the snow has melted off close to the building.
Can you see near the arrow? There’s a bit of green. Look closer. There’s this.
And this.

And these.

My bulbs are coming up! The green ones are daffodils and the red ones are tulips! And I can see where the hyacinths are poking up a bit further on!
Spring is so exciting that way. I mean, maybe people in warm climates have it easier, but how would you get this thrill there? Every day something new will be happening now, and I love watching it, every year.

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